Earn recurring commission

  1. Help people Fix WordPress issues
  1. Support people with WooCommerce Experts
  1. Assist with WordPress migrations
  1. Refer people for WordPress Maintenance Plans

Refer to and earn cold, hard cash! We'll solve their problems and give you commission to say thanks.

You will get commission for all orders within 60 days of using your referral link. Also, if a client signs up for a one-time task and then upgrades to a plan, you will earn commission for both the one-time order and the maintenance plan. As your monthly referrals increase so will your Tier level, increasing your commission.

Fixed payout per fix

The more people you refer, the more you earn with our tiered referral program.

Generous commissions

Build a healthy recurring income from our range of affordable maintenance plans.

Sales (last 30 days)
One-time task
£20 GBP
£25 GBP
£35 GBP
Maintenance plan
15% GBP
20% GBP
30% GBP

Activate your affiliate account instantly by creating an account and clicking the 'Affiliate' link. We create a unique link you can share online.

Affiliate FAQs

Common issues we resolve...
  1. White screen errors
  1. Plugin advice & configuration
  1. Managing DNS records
  1. Website performance caching
  1. Contact forms & emails
  1. Fix PHP issues
  1. CSS changes
  1. Website migrations
  1. WordPress database errors
  1. WordPress theme errors

All our services come with a 14 day money-back guarantee.

How we fix WordPress issues

We document our findings and look to provide not only the fix, but good feedback and advice.

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How are such good value?

Simple, we have been working with WordPress, hosting & systems for over 10 years. Very little surprises us with technology and we've set a pricing structure that allows us to work at scale to solve complex or simple WordPress issues quickly & effectively.

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